hail queen hoo hoo!

my hoo hoo is being such an a hole. i can focus on nothing else, but the fact that she's off and because she doesn't feel like it, i can't enjoy the finer things in life...like refraining from 20 million bathroom breaks and the absenses of constant worrying that maybe, just maybe God is punishing me for wearing those pink undies with "bling" on the butt that give me front wedgies a little too often.

sigh...yes, yes i KNOW this is tmi. i care not. sometimes a girl just wants to tell the world that being a chick sucks and i do not like to be at the mercy of my totally too-sensitive body. even my foot doc coop said i'm sensitive. remember this?

sensitive now reads wimp.

all that crap i said about female's rocking and being awesome and swell...i lied. i was bamboozled. hoodwinked...eve should NEVER have eaten that damn apple.


  1. I would like to claim responsibility for this blog title...and pretend I never read "front wedgies."


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