who doesn't love the haiku? you just can't go wrong with the iddy biddiness of this clever 5,7,5 structure.

i've mentioned before that i have a twin named nicole. every day we find crazy similarities that make us question our births and the date of our births. (i incubated a tid bit longer than her.)

all twin chaos broke loose and went buck buck when i saw that she loves writing haikus too. today she wrote one on a blog post that had me giggling so i shared one i wrote last night to my sister...her poem and my poem follow:

That place is boring.

Camera restrictions sometimes.

Let's go home instead

oh sad little drape

you are so little.

nina sees people.

you see...nina (the kid sister) and i had discussed how the perk of living alone allows you to walk around buck naked without anyone moaning and groaning for you to throw on some boxers. sadly, nina has no curtain in her dorm room so she can't very well run free. i sharedthis explanation with twin and she came up with this mess that had me about ready to pee my pants at work with fits of laughter:

"Not sad. These are important discussions! Also not having to close the door when you use the bathroom is another plus of living alone. Here is my ode to living alone in haiku form"

Food is not stolen.

Let boobies and vag be free.

Poop with open door.

have i ever mentioned how much i adore my friends?


  1. Here is my ode to haikus as a haiku:

    You don't have to rhyme.
    Poetry for idiots.
    I don't know kung fu.

    Sorry, I had to end it with something random. I couldn't resist.


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