ghetto fabulous

i'm trying to figure out if mondays are worse or better when you have a great weekend...

for the first time in a long time i got to play with one of my best gal pals, b. we went shopping, grabbed coffee, saw up in the air (i recommend it, but that's another post.)

we got a chance to catch up and talk about all the random nothings that send us into total giggling fits. i don't care how old i get, i will ALWAYS need my girl time. it's the best kind of battery recharger i've ever found.

don't get me wrong...guys are swell and a certain one right now has me swooning like one of the rat packers, BUT there's just something magical about female friendships. men out there listen to me...make sure your darling boo has will prevent your pee pee's from pending knife threats.

saturday was spent shopping more (hee hee) and preparing for a birthday party. we got all gussied up and then met up with friends (and the one who causes mad swooning) for korean bbq and dancing.

being out and about felt good. usually i'm a total grandma-ma about such things, but saturday night was cool.

the only chink in my chain was a boo boo the valet guy made. didn't notice it until later, but the wanker totally broke my passenger door handle. i mean it's gone lol...i'm driving around in a hoopty that requires me to open the door for you by getting in and reaching over. niiiiiice.

even with that though, i'm still smiling and giggling into my cinammon coffee on this fine monday morning.


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