*Farewell Decade!

*Farewell to a decade I welcomed in during my college years.

The first decade of the 21st century:

Someone proposed to moi and then later gave me my first substantially real heart wound. I sold the ring to pay for the gas that would take me to California to pursue my acting dreams.

I graduated from college and got a real job. After the first week of work, I started to count down the days to early retirement. I got a red stapler and made sure my computer volume was loud enough so everyone would know when I was receiving emails. My sound was a popular movie quote, "There's no crying in baseball!".

I dated a lot. Some real special ones were mixed up in that lot and made it impossible for the mama to meet them.

I made a home for myself in LA...the land of fake. I managed to make REAL friends and spend my time doing REAL things and some not so real things like my two acting gigs, the Jay Leno spot and all the other goobledy ga I've managed to land myself in. I refuse to go into gobs of detail because it'll all be in my book. (mwahahaha)

I found a good egg in a mate. I call him Jersey. I worship and adore him just a bit. I also kept my best friendship with J intact. We've been besties for 15 years now and managed to share every single day of our lives together. If we're not emailing every second of every day, we're texting. It's lovely having someone that's known you for the whole decade in which your adult life found you and your wits left ya.

Basically I did that whole 20s thing. I learned enough to know I don't know anything about myself quite yet. I figure that's what the 30s and 40s are for so I'm not too worried. I up and changed my zip code like it was nothing. I grew balls the size of Texas.

Then I let them shrink a little bit with all the acting rejections, silly breakups and dog days at work. I'm trying a new tea elixir to help rejuvenate them though!

I don't know if I've significantly summed up this decade...Honestly, I don't know if it's even possible, but overall I've kept ME intact. The goofy, incorrigibly crass, sometimes foul smelling/sometimes divine me me me me MEEEEEEE is still here. I'd say the decade was a success.

*After writing this post I learned from my very smart friends that I'm one year off. I should have bid adeu to the decade last year. I argued this fact for five minutes before BJ finally made me count on my hands...2000, 2001...oh, yeah. DOH! I felt quite special...and I couldn't blame it on the tequila drink either.


  1. Happy New Years Dear!!

    Oh, and have you entered my perfume giveaway yet?



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