conversations...the measure of a woman

i like to think you can tell a lot about a woman by the conversations people initiate with her...

i work with this fellow that EVERYONE thinks is just the dreamiest cat in the whole world. they flirt and throw proverbial panties at this dude like he's the last man with sperm alive and it flabbergasts me to no end.
girls bat their eyes and ask him questions like..."how does my butt look in these jeans?" and that's all fine and dandy but i dig that ole boy likes to come to my desk and talk about the feminist classes he's taking. he asks if i've read any chicana literature lately and wants to know my definition of a feminist.

i dig that guys ask me if i saw the game last night, if i still hate the lakers...what i'm currently reading and how my marathon training is going.

i'm on a path to appreciating me. it's dangerous to define oneself through the eyes of another, but i still find it delightful that at the very least my inner nerd shines through. i dig the conversations i have...teaches me something about myself.
teaches me i have plenty good noggin to go around.


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