did i make a boo boo?

by the end of the first month of the first year--this weekend to be exact-- i will have completed the most awesome of awesome goals. i will have run a marathon.

26.2 miles of hard core dedication and will power.

then what? i don't see myself conquering mt everest anytime soon....

what do you do after a frickin marathon? it's not like i love this ish enough to move on to iron mans and triathlons. is it all downhill from here?

do i start lesser goals until i reach the point where i'm high fiving people because i remembered to chew gum, blink and pick my nose simultaneously?

i'm the benjamin button of goals :)

it's been a full year of running...straight luny if you ask me

this bag and bottle appear in my dreams...

and STILL...i'll actually miss my running's consumed everything life related. it's all i do for pete's sake. how crazy that i'll miss what i've whined about for 18 weeks...crazy loon


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