clearing the air

my twin nicole sent me the best new years gift i've ever received. (well it's the only new years gift i've ever received) BUT it's still totally awesome.

while i may not seem like a free spirit i pretty much am. the reason i point this out is because my dear pal nicole sent me sage to burn in my apartment. she attached a sweet note in the package stating that she knows i'm not hippy dippy but my dear twin had no clue i recommend sage burnings to all my friends when they're experiencing reoccurring funks.

ironically, i've never done one myself so today will be a nice little treat for me.
what am i clearing out you ask?

i grew a big crush on someone and they grew a crush back but not enough to keep me from the lands of wonky... lucky for me, i ran a marathon and it changed my perspective on needing. someone who trains for 5 months for a race that takes hours to run doesn't need someone unless that person is holding water at mile 15! i still care for this guy and thinks he's totally the bee's knees (just don't need him!) so while we continue to dance around with the maybe so, maybe no, i figured it couldn't hurt to burn.

i need to clear the air of goodbyes, of holding on to my past, of weird friendships that need to run their course, of writing's time to burn some sage folks!

2010 looks so promising. i love actually taking the year by the balls and molding it into something i can be proud of.

i apologize in advance to my roomie...hopefully this stuff smells delightful or at least eases up before she gets home from work :)

update: i stubbed my toe while doing the sage thing. that negative energy was really trying to go out with a pun intended.


  1. My mom burned sage in house when I was growing up to release trapped bad energy in the house.
    It always seemed to help.
    But in my opinion it smells a little like weed. Which isn't so bad.
    Glad you're taking the year by the balls. I need to follow suit.

  2. it DID smell like weed soon as i finished i did the "uh ohhhhh". swore my roomie would come home and ask why i had smoked a thousand devil lettuce wraps in the place.

    grap your 2010 girl! GRAB IT!

  3. Sorry about the stubbed toe and weed smell. Doesn't seem like burning sage was a good experience but hopefully it'll purge any bad energy and make room for the good stuff.


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