clear pee

day 1: flew in. i’m so glad we decided to come in super duper early. being on planes all day sucks the living snot life out of me. by the time we both landed, had picked up our luggage and found the disney transportation people we were cooked gooses. there was little time to gab and catch up. to bed i said! drinking lots of water per dr j's instructions.

day 2
: woke up ungodly early because best friend was peering over me with perky smile plastered on face gleefully exclaiming, “it’s animal kingdom day!!!” got to park and had a blast peeping out the animals and tourists. we road some cool rides (screamed like wussies) caught the nemo show (“keep swimming” mantra fitting for marathon mentality!) ate and drank warm beverages. once it started raining we bounced.

went to downtown disney for din din. ate at gloria estefan’s restaurant (plantains!!!) met a nice guy at one of the shops named trey who hopefully will be running next year’s race with jen and i.

came back to the hotel, fell asleep watching sex and the city. (it’s our thing—miranda was training for a marathon!) drinking lots of water per dr j's instructions.

day 3: met up with fitness bloggers at a local spot called the peach valley café. for the first time we were around other peeps like us. it was dope hearing other people talking about getting jiggy with carbing up, freaking out the first time 4 mile runs seemed like baby runs, having the proper gear, runner jokes…j and i got a bit nervous at one point (you can only talk so much about mile 17, 18, 20 and 22 being hard as hades before you want to shit shot bloks.) drinking lots of water per dr j's instructions.

day 4: race day tomorrow!!!


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