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my best friend's birthday is today.

i love this girl's birthday for some reason. as kids, i can remember we'd load up into her shaggin wagon (it was a 70's revival couple of years...leave it be) and we'd cruise down to this area of kansas city we loved and have a blast.

we'd seriously rock out to classical music--creating our own warped stories...she'd wear a princess crown and we'd eat at bagel & bagel--our favorite joint.

i'm sure folks would stare at us funny for the crowns and the goofiness that seemed to always follow us around (um...still does...well sans the crown) but we never knew. we were always in our own little world.

now that we live hundreds of miles away, we try to spend one of our birthdays together. this year we did the marathon in orlando for her birthday, which seemed cool and clever at the time, but today is the actual day...

and i'm craving me some bagel, crown and some best friend.

we're 29 this year...

she's this amazingly awesome chick who's opinions and views of the world rock me to the core. every year she takes time around her birthday to think about things and make new proclamations. i can't wait to hear what's gonna pop out of her head this year.

sometimes we're lucky enough to find our soul mate. i found mine...i thank that woman's parents for giving birth to her.

happy birthday to the sickest, dopest, strongest, cleverest, sassy, awesome redhead i've ever known.



  1. Bdays will always be about crowns, blaring music and bagels. :) I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!!!

  2. How wonderful Tish...I bet I know whose birthday? {wink, laugh} both will have to do a reenactment next time you see one another:)

  3. that's a darn good idea martha! :)


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