14158: Reflections on the BFD goal (big effin deal)


Something happens to you in the middle of a marathon...

People running around you morph into obstacles or bulldozers. Powerade suddenly tastes yummy--liquid gold sent from the heavens above.

Pain becomes a fuel to keep going…and also to keep going faster. You wonder not when it’s over, but if you can remain in the present to capture every minute, every step, every arm pump, every running shadow that whispers your stride’s dance.

You revel in the thoughts that pop into your head. "You’re amazing. You’re so proud you stuck with training. This is easy. This feels good…"

Marathon time is a state of mind...

Kooky things start to happen. Time has no meaning. You blink and 5 miles pass.

Finally you cross the finish line and you cry because it’s over. You don’t know whether they are tears of relief, longing, or pride. You’re no longer a machine connected to the road, but a person turned marathoner. The uncertainty of emotions matters not. Tears come piling out.

It’s the greatest high I’ve ever experienced.

Lucky for me, I have a rad, totally awesome best friend and blogging bully who made me sit down and write about my first marathon before passing the heck out on my hotel bed. Make sure to click on my FBG story today and read Jen's that posted on Monday.

(for all those scratching your heads…14158 was my running number. It’s my new favorite number)


  1. Out of control!!!

    I would have definitely passed out in about 4 minutes tops. Good biz.

  2. I'm pretty sure I can go to skid row in any big city and hear the same story about there "drug of choice" drugs are bad. Running is your new drug.... Stop it... Your body doesn't like it... I refuse to be positive... I'm staging an Intervention.... :P

  3. GM you KNOW you wanna be a kenyan! lol...

    Don't hate...appreciate (my gangsta)

  4. Congrats Tish! I enjoyed reading your post on the FBG site as well. You should be very proud - 20 degrees isn't exactly ideal for 26.2, lol.


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