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all my friends back home are doing it. the christmas bug has hit and they're decorating trees, putting up lights...they're getting into the holiday season. this is quite fascinating. i wonder if it's the snow that knocks folks into shape.maybe the booty-shivering shivers are what alert the masses to get into the holiday spirit. that's my guess considering la hasn't caught on that it's december...los angeles has no clue it's christmas time.

while friends back east complained of snow over the weekend, i was driving down the 405 to the beach. i saw not one christmas light set up or santa coco cola billboard. when i got to the land that drops off into the ocean my cousin and her buds took me out to a sushi place where folks were actually sitting outside and eating. it was brisk, don't get me wrong...cold enough to make me walk faster, BUT there were people sitting outside yo!

this lack of christmas stuff can really mess with a certified christmas junky. i was twitching on the way home so i made a pact with myself that if i could knock out some good work on my book then i could blast some holiday tunes and decorate. turns out that consisted of a stocking and one tiny tree so i pulled out the big guns to shake me into christmas land. i watched miracle on 34th street. (it's a must-see every year for me.) i drank hot cocoa and wore furry socks.

it's a start. don't be surprised if i create fake snow angels in the living room soon...

i know this is an ongoing battle, but it's one that this gal is willing to take on.


  1. You are spending time in the wrong LA hoods, my lady. Come to my neighborhood. There are so many houses decked out you don't need your headlights on to drive down the street in the pitch black night. Seriously.

  2. LMAO @ the first comment.



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