ups stalking

i'm kind of upset with the guys in brown right now. for the last couple of days i have raced home (ten times more banchee than i usually am) in the hopes that my darling package i've been waiting for all my life and then some would arrive.

it has yet to do so.

in the mean time, i've sped. i've done a crazy u turn that didn't quite turn all the way (darn blasted car!) that ALMOST got me killed from two different directions. i've ran through my parking garage. i've checked my phones to make sure they're working. i've checked my little tracking device like the stalking chick that i knew i could always be.

in a nutshell...the girl's gone crazy.

sigh...i don't know what to do. all i know is i want my stinkin' package yo*. i want it like yesterday and i think it's super duper mean of the boys in brown to keep me waiting.

i have a bone to pick with them. just cross your fingers folks and hope to christmas that i don't add to the scary list above : )

*shortly after finishing this post i received a glorious email on mikimoto (my cell phone people) telling me my package was waiting for me outside my door. people you can rest assured that my banchee behavior will finally simmer down.


  1. i once chased my ups guy down the street in downtown baltimore, barefoot (gross), and in my pj's. so i totally get it.

  2. before thanksgiving, we were so desperate to get the living room rug delivered while we were home, and yet didn't hear knock (?!), that we tracked down the truck to get it off of there. luckily, it had broken down 5 blocks from our place!


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