unique unicorn

a project for 2010:

according to b i am a walking, talking anomaly. i am the only person she has ever met who is free from conceit. (but not in a good way) i have the weirdest self esteem known to woman. this esteem is sadder than an intentional mullet, more powerful than a candle votive... able to destroy a compliment in a single bound. (sad attempt at a superman reference...slap me now.)

this my friends is why i'm special (when friends tell me i'm special i like to switch it up and say i'm a unique unicorn...somehow i don't think this is what they intended.)

honestly though, i just never really got down with looking in the mirror and thinking my ish was the bomb diggidy. hence my resolution for 2010...

she said i should get to a point where i look in the mirror and say "dang you're beautiful..." but no sooner had those words passed from her mouth, she started busting a gut laughing. it's silliness. mirror talk...i tell you what.

woman in the mirror aside, it's good to rock a bit of self appreciation. helps with dating that's for dang skippy. honestly i look at women that have gushing guys (or gals) and i sigh with envy. i feel a tiny bit that someone claiming you as their own proves just how swell you are (as opposed to the internal mirror talk stuff). this is big honest food for thought i'm dishing out right now. yes...the feminist in me knows this is secret talk that you don't share because it makes you look like a doofus but since i identify and DO doofus on a daily basis this wasn't much of a deterrent for me.

my two besties rock at thinking they're the ish (in a good way). that gumption gene never really kicked in for me unfortunately. funny...i just received an oprah email saying how to love your looks without surgery yadda yadda...oprah has the gene. if oprah has the gene then i need to get the gene! (i do what oprah says....that's what oprah-phites do.)

i'm hoping i can correct some of this loco logic in 2010. otherwise i'm doomed to be a catless cat lady. and frankly that is way sadder than an intentional mullet.

doofus turns divine...2010
word to your mother!


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