tis the season for giving

i love giving gifts...there's just something about going into a store with the intention to make someone squeal with joy once they see that you've taken the time to care.

today i went to the grove in the hopes of shopping and enjoying the holiday ambiance. it's always so beautiful in that little shopping oasis. there's a train decked out in christmas gear that goes through the grounds... a farmer's market with yummy crazy eclectic food stands and shops galore.

i picked up most of my goodies today, played with an adorable puppy that i so wish i could have adopted(she kept biting my curls and i swooned), ate a yummy crepe...stole some of my bud's waffle banana walnut stuff, watched a great flick at the movie theater there and basically just had a ball.

i'm excited for christmas this year. i know money's hard and we're all forced to be a bit more savvy, but that hasn't stolen my christmas joy. it's the little thoughtfuls that have me twirling in my bedroom tonight.

i'm an exhausted happy chick. merry christmas...can't wait to blab to folks all the goodies i thought up for folks...mwahahaha


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