pinky swear

being a creature of habit, i have to set resolutions and clean the cobwebs of my crazy mind and heart at the end of each year. superstition forces me to be a good soldier. i make sure my spot is clean...all the junk has been thrown away to make room for the good my bills so debt doesn't follow me into a new get the drift.

2009 has been whack. lol ( has!) i'm glad to see it go. out with the old, in with the new!

because my inner pollyanna is pulling on my shirt for her turn to cut loose, i'll try to keep this positive.

things to luv, remember and carry over to 2010:

writing, good books, a runner's high, seeing muscles pop out of my olive oil arms, noise cancelling earphones, knowing this here kidult still yearns for toys--preferably the kindle, watching my best buds dog look at me like i'm the craziest ish she's ever seen and then lick her hoo hoo to avoid further bewilderment.

these loves represent who i am...i'm nerdy, a sucker for heart palpitations, a traveler of sorts, a fit bottomed chica who will always refer to herself as a kidult. i'm grouchy and yes, goofy.

and finally the resolutions:

work on self love, finish my book, write more for FBGs, fight to remain open and light hearted and of course run a marathon.

happy new year


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