only an angel

i'm touched.

when life is hard and i start to question if i have any significance at all for being on this darn planet, a wonderful dear person in my life springs forward to let me know i've made a ripple in their pond.
a new friend of mine hit me up on facebook a couple of weeks ago asking for my address. i assumed she'd be sending out the traditional christmas cards that pop up in the mail around this time each year. you can guess my surprise when i opened this BEAUTIFUL book with a lovely note explaining why she sent it.

it truly is the little things in life that make my heart swell and seriously that's the best feeling on earth. it can get me thru car troubles, crazy hectic work schedules, bad marathon training days...these little gestures of thoughtful kindness keep my heart pumping out the joyful stuff.

i'd like to thank my librarian twin for such a wonderful means the world to me.


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