harmony of the ninja

over the holiday weekend i saw a delightfully heart felt flick called ninja assassins.

seeing cute boy do yoga handstand on a bed of nails...well that's my cup of tea by george! i realize that men roll their eyes when we do the "cute butt" thing ...you know what i'm talking about, right? the thing some gals do when they watch totally testosterone tv...the men are yelling and the women are tilting their heads sideways thinking hubba hubba nice tush...

well i totally did that and i am not ashamed.

yes, the movie was good. there was some cheese ball corny town dialog at times, but overall it was up there with kill bill on awesome bloody martial arts and the ninja toys were SWEET. d and i were rolling back and forth admiring all the gruesome awesomeness...talked about that mess for days.

it was all that and a bag of hotty mchottington. wha?...can't a gal have both? call it balance. call it a story of the girl who humored both her inner male brain and her inner gal brain. call it ninja yin & yang.


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