method to the madness

for years ladies our ears have been cursed. we've been forced to listen to men cry, whimper and moan about how girls go for the bad boys...that nice guys finish last...blah blah blah

it's hogwash for sure and now i can prove it! mwahahaa...

so it was bree and i's annual christmas exchange last night. we met up over my house, did the gift thing, did the hot cocoa thing, then decided the cocoa thing was too much for our delicate natures so we drove over to my favorite grub spot. (the restaurant inside the arclight theater)

as we grubbed on yumminess we did what we do best...we gabbed about guys,work, and the arts. we always do this and i always learn some fascinating new tidbit. last night was no exception.

while eating a divine turkey cranberry wrap bree layed it on a sister. it has nothing to do with wanting a bad has nothing to do with wanting a guy to treat us like pooh. it has EVERYTHING to do with smell. you got that? smell! and it's true. a light bulb went off in me.

the two "perfect on paper" guys smell like nuthin to me. in fact, the two men who everyone thinks i should mate and make sweet babies with, both lack scent. nada there... the one who i'm giddy all day err day for smells like "clean". i can't describe it...he just smells clean...i feel like he's hung himself up to air dry on a heavenly clothes line. he smells of sunshine and air. i love it.

my ex fiance smelled like baby and that bought him a good couple of years. one ex smelled like sandalwood...then he started eating onions 24/7 and that's when the relationship soured (no pun intended) bree and her bud are on to something fantastic here!!!

it's old school you see...we're going back to cave women sensibilities. the nose knows!

disclaimer: these are NOT the two "perfect on paper" fellows. just a simple picture that captures the face i make when experiencing the pain and agony of dating. sorry d! you know i got luv for ya buddy!


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