heads will roll

i spent 30 minutes last night searching for my favorite (and might i add mandatory) christmas flicks and i couldn't find nada.

where's the "all i want for christmas",the "scrooged", and "a christmas carol"?!

i see buku advertisements to buy, buy, buy all the time, but there's jack diddly squat stuff involving a darn tree and some santa. (and those stupid lifetime christmas romance things don't count!!!)


hot chocolate and candy canes just don't work without them...

is this some cosmic hint that i need to grow up? cuz it's not working. my inner child was throwing THE gnarliest temper tantrum when realization set in. lip out, the works. think it's time to visit amazon.com.


  1. Two years ago, I was hellbent on finding National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I think I ordered it from Amazon; now I see it all the time in stores, year-round. Figures.

  2. Oh yes....I completely agree...where did all the good shows go...and the lifetime stories just don't make the cut for our fav's!


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