a gut feeling

yesterday i stressed myself out royally worrying about what i had to accomplish in one day. i needed to finish sending mp4's to my buddy in kansas city so he could put together 15 cds for me for a christmas thing a group of friends do every year (yeah, i kind of dropped the ball on that one.) i needed to get in a 4 mile run. i needed to not kill anyone at work and i needed to be on time for my appointment with peggy dawling.

i got in a good run, didn't kill anyone and right as i was on my way to check off the next list item, jersey texted and asked if i wanted to join him for this seminar thing he got free tickets to. i don't know why i agreed to go, but something told me i needed to. (weird right?)

instead of peggy i opted for a shower and spontaneity i guess. to make a long story short i ended up at this sylvia brown (psychic) thing. i had no clue who this woman was but the minute jersey explained who she was i knew i was meant to hear something important. if folks wanted, they could pick up a raffle ticket and if they were chosen, could ask her a question. i kept getting pushed and moved out of the line but i finally got one, only to lose it once inside. i had just about given up when ole boy suggested i look in my back pocket (where i never stick crap) and of course it was there...for some reason the numbers had just kept jumping out at me and i knew i had to find the ticket.

when the time came of course she chose me out of hundreds of people. my heart raced as i walked to the front of the amphitheater and asked my question...

i don't know if i believe all that...how much of our lives are destiny...how much is based on what we want and what we go for, but it was eery how it all worked out. i knew i'd be chosen...had no clue what i'd ask but out popped the question and then out popped her answer. jersey got it on tape (that was pretty cool of him.)

i wonder if it's all meant to be...is that stuff real?...how did i know 2278 would be chosen? why did i hear what i heard? these questions will plague me for a little bit. thoughts? opinions?

lol. i'll definitely be googling her. fascinating woman...

(i give thee, "the tish footage". that's montell williams on the right.)


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