it's saturday morning. i sit on my living room couch, hoodie on, chick flick on the boob tube appreciating the life i have. j is texting me about where she is on her 14 mile run and i giggle at her take on twilight (she does the book on tape thing when she runs.) life is good. it's a perfect time to reflect on my awesome friday night:

while my heart will always belong to suburban living, i've officially reserved a soft spot for the city.

last night, in the cold rain, i threw on my long black coat and some boots and headed to the area of los angeles that never sleeps. no palm trees...just tall buildings, yuppy boys and girls looking for the next happy hour and crazy crackheads that direct folks how to parallel park their cars for spare change.

la--the city--is a bit magical. it's a little new york (tiny bit) a little chicago...there's grand architecture and tiled's dark and grimy; there's tons of character and i love it.

the city isn't something i visit frequently though. i've definitely picked up a loathing reluctance to driving more than 10 miles in this gosh forsaken town but mr. downtown--a friend that goes back to my first year in los angeles when i lived in eagle rock with my former professor--resides here and was complaining of driving to the valley after just returning from a vegas business trip. i decided to be fair just this one and only time.

ahhh mr downtown...he's seriously the guy i'd want to be if i were a dude. he lives in this dream layer downtown (hence the name)...handsome furniture, art he painted himself, simple, cozy and pimptastic. (seriously chicks don't have to worry about coming in and adding a woman's touch...he's quite impressive.)

i showed up ready to grub and out walks mr impeccably dressed, charcoal scarfed guys guy and ladies man. (like i said i'd want to be him if i were a dude.)

we take the elevator down and walk the streets until we arrive at this beautiful restaurant called bottega louie. beautifully young, hip and trendy people mingled in the charming atmosphere as waiters carried wine and eggplant fries above their heads.

we dined on THE best margarita pizza i've ever tasted, the eggplant fries, sauteed spinach and this tasty little ravioli with pea was heaven. i had my first glass of wine (i can't tell you how long it's been...darn training) and we laughed and caught up thru the evening.

for dessert we had berries & cream plus pineapple sorbet that almost produced a happy tear. it was the perfect taste...

i fell in love with bottega louie. it's one of those smart restaurants where friends' true colors can come's loud but sophisticated, charming and intoxicating. you just feel a little more interesting and pretty once you walk through the doors.

the city was my fresh breath of air from my normal routine. i love the small gifts that pop up every so often. even more than that, i love that these small gifts are so readily available...good stuff lies just down the freeway...mingling down below underneath the buildings and lights.


  1. eggplant fries sound delicious! sounds like a great evening!

  2. it was delicioso! when you get your behind out this way i'll get you some :)


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