down with frenzy

i moved at crackhead speed for pretty much the whole frickin day yesterday. i came, i sat, i kunta-ed, blinked and it was time to leave.

i'm pretty sure every darn first monday after a holiday is tragically terrible like yesterday was, but i've blocked that mess out apparently cuz today i wasn't prepared. i wigged. i wigged a lot.

i also ran out of work...i ran to my car...i ran to my doctor's appointment and then i slowed the heck down. i ran some some groceries and came home to a freshly cleaned apartment (my roomie has a cleaning lady come once every two weeks...i frolic in the perks that spill over into tishy land.)

i made a nice little multi-grain penne pasta disharoo and a salad. i drank pear merlot juice and had mango for dessert. i watched vintage project runway (andre and santino) and i chilled the heck out.

then i sat in my room inhaling my trapp candle mary catherine gallager style and wondered how in the heck i let life bend me over and smack me down. not cute...

sometimes chaos gets the better of me.

thank GOODNESS grocery shopping, a little boob tube, and candle sniffing still has the power to de-crackify me.

p.s. my fire alarm went off right as i was saving this post. if that isn't irony, it's something else equally annoying...


  1. Ahhh, the joy and relaxation of a nice-smelling candle. Just can't beat it.

  2. I 2nd the above comment.



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