doughnut made me do it

it's no secret that i've associated running lately with pain and insanity (to put it mildly)...i would have nasty anxiety attacks thinking about all the hours i'd be in my head while my body was pounding out the run and on top of that, i hurt my foot so it wasn't happy, happy joy, joy time for sure.

i realized i had to work through this ish though in order to survive my very first marathon (which is in four weeks!!!) so i've been slowly building back up my runs...seeing how far i can push my foot before it starts shooting pains up my shin.

yesterday was some one's birthday at work which meant the doughnut nazis were pushing sugar hell in my face all day. i've never had a big sweet tooth (my mom told me veggies were candy when i was a kid. by the time i was old enough to know she was a big fat liar i had developed cravings similar to sweet tooth cravings to the green stuff.) so yeah...never had a sweet tooth really...except i kinda love jelly-filled doughnuts. the WORST one you can have in that awful box.

so yesterday i broke down at 3:30 pm and had a third of one (gave the big half to my cubby buddy ian...aren't i a gem?) the sugar raced through my body and immediately turned me into a crackhead. (think mike meyers and the snl skit where he's had too much chocolate)

i knew at the moment my veins began to burn that i had to run it off or i'd be wiggy so i took my keister down to the gym and started rockin out on a treadmill.

9 miles later i felt like a running rock star. it was the first "happy" run i've done the whole training period. i wasn't tired. i wasn't anxious and crazy...i was just running along...working out to do lists in my head and thinking about the date i'd have later that evening.

sometimes even evil, devilish doughnuts can have their day in worship land. without that problematic pastry i would have more than likely pushed the run to today (naughty...)

i don't recommend a doughnut as a good source of energy before a run by any means (you'll pass out on mile one!) just saying...incentive comes in the most unlikely of places.


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