da vinci code


it was the hardest secret kept thru the century. well at least it seemed like a century to little ole me. i LOVE finding the perfect gifts for folks. that doesn't always mean that the recipient GETS the significance of the gift at hand, so my joy increases exponentially when the givee actually geeks out over what i give them.

in july i started conspiring to give one of my favorite peoples in the world, jersey, something that i knew he would love. he's a sporto and a half and would marry the sport of snowboarding if it was legal in california so i spoke with a buddy--this totally awesome and might i add well-known artist--and asked if he could paint on a board if i found one. he one upped me and said he'd do better and get me the whole shebang. so for months i've been sitting on this totally awesome secret. this past weekend jersey started scaring the heck out of me...he was searching for boards online...looking at magazines so the eager punk got his gift early because i was terrified he was buying himself a new board.

he looked like a frickin kid his eyes were so big. that was the face i was hoping for. don't you just love this season?!

behold my own personal holy grail unveiled:

the board had to be tested after this...we drove an hour to a mountain and let him play to his little heart's content

ole boy immediately starts playing

merry christmas!


  1. that's awesome. did you give it a try too?

  2. oh no! lol he said that thing is hella fast. i'd break my face. but i do plan to learn...ya kinda have to in order to kick it with this dude. he's kind of nutso about it.

  3. That really is fun...the perfect gift you did!!!

  4. :) why thank you mama martha. i think i have the perfect gift for you after reading your blog. :) are you a book reader at all?


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