christmas eve recap

my christmas gift this year was my fam bam and boy was i loving it up.

wednesday i ran my 8 miles and then got on a red eye that led me first to dallas and then to kc. i hung with my gram, auntie and granny for a couple hours and then my sisters and brother in law hopped in the jeep wrangler (beep! beep! who's got the keys to the jeep?) to drive the 3 hours to springfield to visit the parental units.

we listened to "a very special sedaris christmas" laughed and caught up on life. nina's still my wild child free spirit, an's happily married and stephen is still THE sweetest guy in the world. the youngins introduced me to noah earl (new musician they're buds with) as well as some "epic" tunage called lcd sound system. the whipper snappers keep me fresh yo!

it was the sweet good life. my kinda road trips mos def.

my mom seriously had 7 trees in our house. when i say my mo is a christmas crackhead, i'm not lying...the woman makes my heart go pitter patter. there was a christmas tree in the bathroom yo!

we chowed down on my mom's totally yummy chili when we arrived. home cooked's what's for dinner

so we totally ran up to the neighbors house on accident, rang the doorbell and my two sisters looked at these folks like "you're not tom & sue" totally funny. the neighbors got a kick out of it. sad...must really come home more often. what children go to the wrong house?!

the sisssies chillin in the back of the jeep. i love these gals


  1. Why do these pictures look like Christmas in 1982? Maybe it's the lighting.

  2. stop knockin my camera skills lol. you're just spoiled having a photographer boyfriend


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