christmas day

christmas day rocked!

we slept in. sorry...this seems like a small thang but it is definitely bigger than a chicken wang folks. my fam wakes at 6 am's hell on earth so sleeping in until 10 something...then watching flicks...casually opening gifts up and chillin to the 10th power was my cup of tea.

we made sure to keep up the movie tradition though, so we all loaded up in vehicles and went and saw avatar in 3D. it ROCKED and the whole fam loved it. afterwards nina and i pretended to be avatars--complete with hissing sounds and jumping on our winged animals. yeah...we're cool like that. (kidults for life!)

and that was it...the rest of the night consisted of christmas movies, trivial pursuit and talks.

funny my dad says maybe 10 words to me in a year (i kid you not...he's a quiet man...oh the irony of having me for a daughter!) so he makes coffee christmas morning and we're the only two up so i start talking to him about my current dating situations...if i'm too nice, not nice enough, etc. i kid you not...the man gives me THE BEST life lesson based on a bud light "too hot, too cold" commercial he currently loves. lol..."keep it in the middle tish"

that's my kinda family talk totally made sense. gotta love that man.

all in all, it was good times with the family. i got really emotional when we pulled away from my waving mother. there's just something about my family that brings out the best and worst (hee hee) but definitely the heart in me. i leave my heart in springfield. who would have ever thunk that!?

it snowed!

we appear in all our embarrassing glory on every tree mom found out stephen wears boxers to bed, thus THIS present was born. i've never seen those two kids that embarrassed. lol the kinkiest christmas EVER!

this woman is the biggest kid i know. now you know where my goofiness comes from

3D movies ROCK!

i like to squeeze the hiney!!! i've been squeezing my mo's tush since i was a kid. (makes me happy) she likes to slap my hands away, wiggle away and scream at me that i'm weird...this little dance we do makes my heart pitter patter.


  1. I have been hissing at Ryan, Avatar-style, ever since we saw the movie. I also tell him, in Avatar accent, "You are like child" and "You do not belong here" with hand gestures and everything. Also, we now "speak Naavi." LOL. We have no sense. Glad to know we're not the only ones.


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