buddy system

j and i have done quite well being virtual training buddies in 2009. we've gotten through a half marathon and now we've completed weeks and WEEKS of marathon training. she runs in middle earth (kc, mo) and i in los angeles and that's life...was life.

yesterday we had the rare opportunity to do a long run together. for 12 miles we ran side-by-side and it rocked like whoa. figured out in those 2 hours that we'll rock the marathon together that occurs in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!!

i was so happy about it i allowed myself to have beer (which if you've read any of my previous blogs you know i don't do...in fact i've been craving the ish but the devil brew makes my runs drag balls) we went to this brewery that we usually hit up at least once when i visit and got happy and ate lots of MEAT. after a run like that meat is my friend.

of course i caught the worst case of insomnia because of all that crap but it worked out since jersey was driving home late and apparently so was my kid sister. i made the perfect late night worry wart.

i've had about 2 hours of sleep (mmmm feels good). tishy will be a snoring queen on planes today.

i say it's worth it. it doesn't get much betta than hanging with fam and friends. love the buddy system man...


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