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christmas litmus test

the mother texted me last night to tell me the father was watching the grinch. you may be thinking so what...and! but whenever t.k. hits play and the green guy pops up on the screen the ladies in my family know it is officially christmas time.

you see men don't do christmas early. men don't partake in christmas giddy. men follow the seasonal mo on the other hand is a christmas crackhead. she wears the elf hat, she puts up the tree, she puts the "santa ho ho ho, inside oh oh oh" toilet seat cover on and she would do this madness in july if you let her.

therefore we wait for the green guy. when i hear about the rotten mr grinch i know it's just in case you didn't get the point of the story...IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!

oprah update

oprah's doing a 12 days of christmas sweepstakes...and the grand prize winner gets tickets to her every day after work i race home and like any good worshipper i get on my computer and enter my ish for the day.

i feel it in my bones. i got this. there's a seat in her audience meant for me. wait for it...wait for it.


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