blue woman

ok so i have to be honest with ya...

for months i'd see the durn previews for avatar (no spoilers!!!) and i'd roll my eyes. it just didn't look appealing to me at all...

mind you i did not know that mr cameron wrote the durn thing...had been working on it since titanic and basically this was his little baby in cinematic form.

i think that would have perked my ears at least a tiny bit. i'm all for people with passions.

i am not a demanding person. i don't throw temper tantrums, this time i have to be a brat though. you HAVE to go see this movie. if you do not i shall pluck out each one of your nose hairs one by one and feed them to your first born.

seriously though, it'll change you. it'll make you see the world in a different'll make you want to also be a 10 foot tall woman who says "you should not be here..." i have to add that i'm pretty good at this impersonation of neytiri (the blue chick). i mean she is an amazonian ginormous skinny tall lanky chick...sound familiar? i'm pretty sure james cameron saw me on the street and decided i'd be the muse for his creative vision.

today on the treadmill i fully grasped the idea of my muse-y qualities when i started flashing my long e.t. fingers around. i'm so's not even funny. where is my bow and arrow?!

anyways...i digress.

the movie was seriously amazing. i wasn't the only one sitting on the edge of my seat--face full of wonder. jersey was seriously glued to the screen man. ole boy can do a pretty awesome na'vi (the avatar peeps) call. for this reason alone he gets a gold star for the year.

i couldn't sleep after seeing it. my mind just wanted to play with all the images and ideas and concepts and beauty. mr terminator director out did himself...surprisingly. seriously wasn't expecting that kind of awesome-ness at all.

see it. luv it. let me know so we can share in the blue woman luv.


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