blue moon lessons

apparently there's a blue moon tonight...

they only appear every 50 years or something like that. fitting being that it's the end of THE bluest period of my life to date. (picasso's blue period ain't got nothing on me!)

i read every one's year in reviews and i scratch my head. i kinda missed the happy boat this year. it actually makes perfect sense to me that a blue moon will punctuate 2009.

personally i think it's a sign from above. "yes tish...your year was shitty, but it's over. time to start new...what do you say?!"

i say surviving a shitty year and still being around to tell my best friend, " i want to be strong and tough but still hopeful and nice. i want to be able to let people in. i don't want to be scared. i want to have drive and ambition and be what everyone keeps telling me that i am but can't believe--a light that makes my immediate world a better place...genuinely." is pretty good. i'm thankful i still have it in me.

every once in a blue moon gumption hits apparently...

ps i've decided 2010 i'll do less more daily doses. i've learned a lesson from the blue moon. people dig randoms more than least in the a.d.d. world of blog readers. blue moon lesson #1


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