beach babble

it's a sure bet that you will encounter some interesting folks when visiting beach communities...

last weekend i visited my cousin shell bell down @ the beach. when i walked into her abode her bud (hippidy dippidy twin) greeted me and from there the interesting conversations started.

h.d. twin started talking to me about government boo boos...conspiracy theories abounded.

  • the center of the earth is actually hollow and the nazis knew this and now have land in antarctica that surrounds the hole they drilled. in this core lives aliens (one named krell) and while we thought they were peaceful and just wanted to take our dna peacefully, they were caught with human body parts in their ship (area 51) and now are on our shit list.
  • there are things called chem trails in the sky that top secret planes are emitting on purpose. these chem trails are filled with metal bad stuff that is giving people lung cancer. the purpose of the trails...information is transmitted with the help of these smoke trails to satellites...somehow this makes it possible for areas to be obliterated at will with a push of a button. i lost him in parts on this one because i started sipping the most delightful fruit carbonated beverage. i'm easily distracted.
  • last but not least (this one might have some tiny truth according to peggy dawling...but tiny) is birth control pills may be misleading women into choosing inappropriate mates. because the pill tricks women into thinking they're preggo, it can also trick women into thinking the dude they're with is the one since he's the faux knocker upper.
never a dull conversation...

it's such a great adventure meeting such interesting characters with such entertaining stories to tell. honestly the twin had me a bit scared that night lol...i blame part of that on my hour drive down and lack of sleep. he's this dreamy fellow who gets answers from looking into the sun, reading everything and going to a crazy amount of lectures and seminars.

and while i won't be looking into the sun anytime soon, i commend the fact that he took the time to tell me what melts his butter and revs his engines. he did tell me one thing that i what's in your medication. he told me how a doctor gave his father syringes containing pig intestines to thin his blood (stuff that's giving people e coli) the labels people. spinach, garlic...there might be alternatives.

random switch up: i'm catching up on blogs and came across THIS. reminded me of the pill theory...see how stuff sticks in your brain and gives you interesting connections to blog about later? uncanny...


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