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i've returned to my happy's a place where one can hear miles davis blowing from outside my bedroom walls on a sunday morning. it's been an artsy fartsy weekend filled with theater and self reflection...perfect music while i write this recap.

i have this bud named bree who works as a stage manager for this totally naughty yet charming theater joint down in hollywood near the arclight. note (the name of the joint) is consistently putting out wild stuff. when it gets super duper wild, bree sends word that i must see...or suffer the consequences of her vengeful wrath so last night i hopped in my car and mosied on down to the little theater that could.

the play was amazing. it was this coming of age story about 5 kids who have just graduated high school. the summer before they leave for college they experience
all this crazy stuff...alien abductions (LOL!), talks of couple status, going away for college...leaving friends. it was touching and had me teary-eyed in parts, laughing in others and because i'm truthful, immature as HECK in others. i swear to the kiwi gods i wasn't expecting to see boy pee pee or girl hoo hoo but that's exactly what i saw and i immediately made this face:
i'm sure i annoyed the living snot out of the totally mature and art savvy couple in front of me (i giggled a bit) but i cared not. I SAW BOY PEE PEE! check it out: ole boy and chick are on the're led to believe they've just finished doing the horizontal polka...he reaches underneath the blanket and pulls off a condom...i'm thinking they're doing a good job of making it look like they're naked and stuff under the blanket when all of a sudden ole boy stands up and out pops the tishy face. (re-enactment pic above)

sigh lol...i'll never grow up. promise.

that wasn't the reason i loved it though...the play was sweet. it reminded me of the click i had in high we all grew up and grew apart (well besides my darling j and i) it reminded me of love and looking forward to the future...

i forgot just how much i need the arts.

it was a great saturday night...


  1. I'm so glad you had a fab weekend! Sounds like it was great!

  2. it was a goodie : )

    thank you mrs

  3. At least it wasn't as bad as the time my mother invited me to a play she was in and the female lead (not my mother) got completely naked in the play. I asked my mom why she didn't warn me there was nudity in her play. She told me she wanted the vagina to be a surprise. Gee, thanks?


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