my mom was a smart cookie. back in the day she used to be a massive clean freak...a clever clean freak. she'd turning cleaning into a game; blasting music while we danced and did our thing. somehow she made bleaching countertops and scrubbing floors fun. i swear that weird mentality has followed me into my kidult-hood.

whenever i'm feeling off or moody, i take to the floors and start scrubbing. i woke up saturday morning with a clear sense that all the junk in my closets was the culprit of my recent moody sentiments. i started ripping out old clothes from my closets...stuff i've had for YEARS. i got rid of anything and everything that had gone untouched for more than 3 months. i got rid of the t shirt i wore when i first met ex fiance...when i was 18! yeah i'm lame like that....

shoes and bags and clothes i've seriously rocked since 7th grade came flying out. by the time i was done there was a pile up to my waste.i loaded it up in my car--looking whack as heck--and drove my little behind to goodwill and dumped the lot. bridesmaid dresses PEACE!

i then organized closets. i color-coded. i shifted. i bleached my bathroom and scrubbed the mess out of my shower. i got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floors. i gave my new books new room to grow and hours later felt like a new woman.

i showered like i had just commited murder and plopped my behind on the couch...it felt darn good. days later i'm still pleased with the cleanse. something just feels better when you remove the clutter from your life. your limbs start to burn when you're down there scrubbin...your body and mind start workin hard for the money (sing with me now!)

it's hard getting rid of things that link you to the past but boy is it necessary!

clearing out mental and physical clutter one room at a time...


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