a steel magnolia

you think when you become friends with people that you're getting all of them--you've already figured out all their potential, all that they are and all that they will be. you think you see it then...that's why you choose them as your friend.

the wiser me knows better now...

today i went to a funeral for my friend's father. this friend is someone i think of as a sister. i swear her mom and mine were separated at birth...so i always loved spending holidays in their home. felt like my family... i wish i could say there were differences when it came to tragedy, but i can't. it also felt like my story when i learned of her dad's passing...

going in i thought i would be strong and i could be there for my friend. like i said before...i thought i knew up front how my girl was. she was so much more than that today though. today i saw a beautiful strength i've never quite seen in any one person before. she looked so strong...sad, but strong. i cried immediately when i saw her face.

you can judge a woman's character by how she reacts in the worst of times i've heard. my friend was everything beautiful...everything sad...everything we ladies should want to hug and console today. she was a steel magnolia... i couldn't stop the tears. my heart was breaking for the girl that's been a great friend to me over the years.

thru the best of times and the worst of times i'll keep learning about my friends...i'll keep learning that this life of mine just doesn't work without them.
i learned more about my dear friend today than ever before.

i was a fool to say i had it all figured out. i'm still a rookie at all of this. the only thing i know for sure is friends give strength in ways that we just can't muster on our own.
i sat in a room full of strangers crying for my dad, crying for the man that accepted me into his home and offered me candy, crying for my friend who had to say good bye to her daddy...and then b was there holding my hand. yes, the tears kept coming and i still felt that sadness that's been with me since i was a child but the world shakes a little less when some one's there holding you up.

i saw my friend's best friend holding her up. she read a passage during the service and at that point i knew my friend had someone holding her world up too and my heart sighed with some relief.

e, i love you very much and this week (the week of thanks) i am grateful for "your person" t...your friends that stood in your sisters kitchen helping dish out food...strong women that made you smile. i'm thankful for the strength you possess and most importantly i'm thankful God put you in my life to show me how a steel magnolia looks and acts.


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