sometimes i just have to see the movie. even though i know it's gonna make me cry. even though i know it's gonna take me to some dark place. i knew seeing the movie precious was something i needed to see and boy was my gut speakin the trufe.

no spoilers here ever...come on, it's tishy ya'll. i'll simply say it's a powerful story.

i think people need this story. i think people need to talk about this story. mariah carey did a phenomenal job...seriously, never could stand the woman but she showed beautiful vulnerabilities...i know it probably made her twitch when the camera caught her right side (ya'll know that's a no no!) but really, she definitely won some respect for that one.

mo'nique was incredible as well as the girl who played precious. the acting bug in me started wiggling and twitching. haven't felt movement in a minute. interesting...

for the story itself, there were elements of dreaming that left the audience laughing, crying, upset and whether you wanted it or not--moved. i don't know if it was intentional or not, but the theater stayed completely dark after it was over. people just sat there.

i think the guy i went with really let that story in. he had read the book the movie was based off of so he knew going in he'd have issues watching a character as wonderful as precious go through the crap she had to endure. after we left he just kept shaking his head. in fact, a lot of men leaving the theater looked bereft--a million different thoughts swirling around in their worried heads.

common, the rapper, was there with his young daughter. talk about progressive parenting...

be responsible. learn someone else's story. go see precious.


  1. I loved the book and can't wait until the movie premeires in dallas.

    knowing that common brought his daughter to see it, makes me want him more.

  2. i know right?...growl!

    definitely see it when it comes. and it will come. with tyler perry and oprah backing it now it's about to explode.

  3. So true, and then after seeing once you can't go back and watch again. I remember watching Amistad and feeling a deep pain for feeling ungrateful for what our ancestors went through you know! The scene on the boat when the slaves were tired to a rock and thrown into the ocean, broke me down. Messes with me just thinking about it!


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