old soul

my whole life i've been told i'm an old soul.

in the 3rd grade i walked up to my teacher and said "it's hot donna dear. can we please get some fan? i'm hot flashin" and from that moment on i was known to all as an old soul. a weird old soul...

recently i wrote the phrase, "chuckles from the peanut gallery" and it reminded me of all the tendencies i've acquired over the years from hanging with my grandparents and my mo and her peeps.

words like swell and critters permeate my conversations. i like to say "many moons ago" and "back in my heyday".

a group of rather delightful sista girls from college even refer to me as "grammama". i didn't know going to bed before 10 was a crime.

while this is all makes me giggle (my list of why i'm weird just keeps getting longer and longer) i still don't consider myself to be body, mind, and soul old fartish. i appreciate the kiddy cartoons (now see, that sounded old didn't it?!). i like sugar cereals on saturday and good color time...

i'd just like to point out to the jury that i am and always will be a kidult (kid + adult) no matter what tendencies bust out of me. that's my story and i'm stickin' to it...groovy? ya dig whipper snapper?


  1. How fun was that post! I think it is great you are an old soul!!!!


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