one thing i know for sure...

if you go to the same restaurant or food joint long enough they will remember your name. a total "cheers" moment will will become norm. prepare for the temporary gut to pop out.

the peeps at the mcdonalds near my place of employment know it's me when i utter the following rehearsed request: "can i please have a medium iced coffee, caramel (and i say it like cara-mel, not carmel...there's an A folks!) and that's all." then they ask again if that's all and i say "yup!" and drive forward.

i get to the window and they're always cheesin at me. yes...i come every day. yes i'm a coffee crack head. the fact that this tickles them pink embarrasses the crap out of me, but crack heads will ignore embarrassment if it means getting their fix.


yesterday was a bit different though. yesterday i made ground on getting to know my crack dealers. i pulled forward to pay and my lady asked what i put in my hair. now everyone knows i push the mixed chicks like whoa so i happily told her what i do and how i do it and where i get the stuff to do it with and she smiled, took down the info and i moved along.

then i move to the next window and the chick is giggling at my consistent crack headish butt and handing me my ish. i am norm. norm is me.


  1. Why did I have the CarAmel vs Carmel debate last night with the hubbies brother? I of COURSE was on the side of CarAmel.... DUH


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