new moon (no spoiler geeze mon!)

i don't know if you've realized it yet, but movies (for me anyways) are WAY more than just sitting in a dark theater and breaking down acting quality and plot. i go for a number of different lovely reasons.

in the case of new moon i went because i heart the darn books with a passion that has to be pronounced like cesar millan the dog whisperer would do so. ("i have pash-SHUN for the books.")

watching new moon was one of THE BEST movie experiences i've had to date. it had nothing to do with the actual movie really...a group of my gal pals (b, evvie, bree and rachel) all met up at 9:30 am sharp to watch a movie we're all a little obsessed with. the fact that we were all giddy school girls was the key ingredient that makes it memorable

it's great seeing a movie with perky people all in the same lovey dovey mood. we laughed and cried and laughed at our crying together and it was the perfect morning. i'm sure folks were wondering why a group of obviously grown A women were geeking out, but we cared not. we were too busy having fun and enjoying a perfectly goofy sunday morning flick.'s about to start

the gang...i'm just now noticing i hang out with a gang of short little pixie mamas

best buds totally geeking out. yes, we took pictures at 9am to document our new moon experience


  1. I'm going tonight with a bunch of friends too and am totally excited (even though I've heard it kind of sucks!) :)


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