my favorite honeymooners

life is a complicated mess of highs and lows. sometimes the highs and lows are far apart and never touch and other times they hug and cling because life just wouldn't be bearable without the combination of the two.

earlier i heard a blood curdling scream come out of a dear friend who found out she had lost something very dear to her. the pain i heard was the same pain i carry with me from the same kinda heart immediately dropped and i burst into tears...

i was in the middle of a conversation with j and her husband, mr perfect, and i swear in the same moment tears were streaming down my face, i received an email reply from mr perfect regarding the water discovery on the moon:

it will unite us all - we will all be on the same team as "earthlings" all problems will go away--star trek here we come!!!
unite against the alien bacteria!!! we will never fall to the mooninites!!! we are earthlings!!!

and i laughed. i laughed so hard that i cried. friends are so gosh darn important. laughter is the best medicine. love you, w family! love you lots!


  1. We're definitely fam, yo. :)

    And I'd like to note that Ryan had all those quotes in ALL CAPS, thereby increasing the hilarity.

  2. yeah blogger didn't like his all caps moment...which explains why my post kept playing peekaboo.

    why did you just name mr perfect?


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