mocking bird

like freud said, it's my mama's fault.

i can trace all of my bad habits i think back to toys my mo gave me as a child. when i was 5 the lady inhaled some crack and decided to give me the most annoying mocking bird toy for christmas. the darn thing could record what people were saying and play it back...i liked playing back mo's potty mouth.

years later i'm now ocd about repeating back what people say. if they have an accent it's even better. the actress in me tries to hit it dead on. sometimes i can do it...other times i just look like an arse, BUT i do it so much my friends are used to it.

that brings this story of mine to today. a little bit ago in the elevator i heard someone say (with an awesome accent), "who needs to get off on floor three" and i wanted to repeat it back so bad. my girl evvie just looked at me with wide big eyes...she didn't say a word until we got off the elevator and then she started whispering to me, "don't do it tish! the guy is right behind you."

she knew! ha! she knew something powerful was having to restrain the mocking bird within.

as soon as he passed it came bareling out...complete with accent.

some day i really will get my arse kicked. in the meantime ask me to do home boy d's voice...i'm pretty darn good...just sayin


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