the mama-ate-tissue litmus test

someone forgot to send me the new november holiday calendar. i had no idea yesterday was national "share a new fact with your best friend"day.

earlier in the day j surprised the heck out of me. i've known this woman since she was 14. i thought i knew every darn tootin thing about her, but apparently taco salad is her favorite thing in the whole wide world. who knew? not i!

then last night b and i decided to hang out and grab some grub at my favorite little diner down the street. afterward, we went back to my house to gab some more and there i found out that my sheep flip flops (don't ask) remind her of her mother and this weird dish rag-to-the-nose thing she used to do when b was a kid. i look at her oddly and then she continues with, "yeah i know, but this is the same woman who used to eat tissue."

HUH?! wha? repeat-tay home slice. did you seriously just give me a running with scissors kinda moment?

i'm a little butt hurt. i think that's the most hilarious...weirdest thing i've ever heard. that's weirder than eating glue. maybe my bum is bummed because one of my many nicknames is in fact tissue and i'm empathizing with the object that's basically had to endure being used in such an odd manner. one of my best buds was raised by a tissue eater. j and the taco salad...not so weird, but i swear finding out new things about folks you thought you knew everything about is just wonky weird. awesome! but weird...totally keeps me from sleeping thru life i guess.

from now on when someone describes something as being weird i'm gonna pipe in with "well at least they didn't eat tissue. i mean come on...lets put this all in perspective."

my friends:keepin the spark alive in our friendships one food fact at a time...

b & j


  1. LOL! That was hilarious. And I need to stop looking insane in photos.

  2. You are a riot!!!! Love that you declared yesterday that:) fun though!

  3. My cousin couldn't stop eating baby powder when she was pregnant. Talk about a strange craving.

  4. i just started dry coughing nicole lol!


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