just another manish monday

ah halloween. it's been a long, long time since i've played on the day of pretend but j gave me the BRILLIANT idea this year to dress up as slash from guns & roses so pretend i did.

when the big day came the actress in me took over. i decided to get into character like a true method actor so i deemed boy undies and sports bra. i was uber dude...no make up...let the curly fro go buck wild and went out in public like this. (mind you i didn't have the full get up on so i basically just looked butch...think noah from the chicago bulls...ouch!)

i don't know what happened to me but i felt dudish. i walked like a dude. my hip switch stopped. if you ever want to feel uber manish i suggest you rock some men's undies. it totally works.

the flip side to all that costume glory was i felt like a weird outcast of sorts. people were staring at me weird trying to figure out if i was pat the pink lover or pat the blue baron.

today i'm anti-dude for realz. it was oh-so-necessary to doll up in the girliest dress i have. throw on some heels and slab on a thick coat of make up.

i know my guy friends will beg to argue this lovely point with me BUT i AM woman...hear me roar.

slash'in it up

i found my long lost twin later in the day

she returns


  1. I wish it were Sunday
    'Cause that's my funday
    My I don't have to runday

  2. lol just had a conversation the other day about why sunday is the funday...it really isn't.


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