it cometh...

i tend to vacillate at work between gangsta and goody goody. while some days i care not that i stroll into the work parking lot bumpin hip hop, other days i feel npr is the most appropriate choice if i'd like to avoid looks of sheer terror from little old cute ladies who waddle and smell like chanel perfume circa 1976.

i am cool vacillating between the two. i am not, however, comfortable with oscar junior bumpin biz markie and then switching it up to christmas music.
i thought i told oscar junior not to play my christmas songs on random shuffle, but the little contraption is a terd and does what it wants. i heard "i saw mommy kissing santa clause" this morning...

yesterday celine dion "do you hear what i hear" started blasting in my cube. my cubby buddy looked at me like i was the crazy cat lady.

i'll get to the bottom of my shuffle but one thing's for sure...i can not stop christmas from coming early.

bring on the jack frost nipping at my nose. sigh...


  1. It snowed here, so the season is in full swing. :) I even jammed to George Michael's "Last Christmas" this morning. And I enjoyed every cheesy minute!

  2. Reminds me... Time to take Bone Thugs out of the car and replace with Kenny G's Christmas... LOVE Mr. G... :P


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