irony? cruel joke? coincidence?

it's a bit ironic that oprah's big announcement...followed by my realization that a part of my dream was gonna disappear, followed the invitation i received to attend an acting thang tonight. remember acting? it was that little ole thing i moved out here for that bullied me into a corner to suck my thumb and develop temporary dream amnesia...

i honestly don't know why i'm going. can't tell if it's curiosity...tiny hope...maybe even me just being a wimp that will attend anything my buds tell me to attend. who knows. the point my dear friends is i'm going to a dinner tonight to discuss ku's film and theater program with a bunch of talented and successful alumni. (how in the WORLD did they get my information?!)

i would have probably curled a lip and thought about tonight anxiously but my horoscope today made me giggle so i'll say what the heck and approach the din din with a nice girl mentality.

My horoscope for November 20, 2009:
You have tremendous ability, Tish. Sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction in order to really make the most of your talents. It is not that you are lazy, rather that you are merely fatalistic about where life leads you. Today would be a good day to get a bit more serious for a change. You will find that an astute application of your skills yields tremendous results.

scary...ain't it?


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