tokyo shake down

friday night i hopped on the crazy bandwagon and joined b and some lovely folks for crazy time at tokyo delves. for all those non la la land folks, tokyo delves is this totally hilarious, totally wild sushi bar in north hollywood where folks go to pour happy pandemonium into a cup and gulp it down.

while i was a sour puss (FOR REALZ!) before we entered the joint, i was buck buck wild once the music started. there's something about obnoxiously loud great music from our jr high years that brings out the equally obnoxiously loud tish.

i can't really capture the fun with words so i give thee video time.

enjoy :)

i met the bartender...note josh never drops his food

ya gotta have some journey, a little b guitar finger action and folks forgetting words

grease! need i say more?

"it don't get no betta than nsync!"

awesome editing j! i take ymc quite seriously...


  1. these are hilarious girl! Looks like a great time was had by all, but one! ;)


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