exercising the mouth

monday, november 16th was my last and final day taking this class called cardio weight training at my gym. while i'm happy that muscles now pop out of my arms when i flex (this is a first for me folks!) i am not sad to say good bye. that class kicked me arse every single time...left me sore every single time.

it was so intense (it's bootcamp with a fancy name folks) that people started dropping like flies towards the end. the last day of class only 3 people were there: me and a married couple that i adore.

she's this quiet tiny thang and he's this husky goof ball...you'd NEVER in a million years think the two would be linked but that they most certainly are. it's that balance thing you always hear about...

being that it was a small class, my mouth grew larger to accomodate. i started asking how they met and all that juicy goodness. apparently their parents knew each other so they've known each other for a long ole time.

the hubby told me a story about how when she was six he told her aunt and uncle he was going to steal her. i'm sorry but that ish is adorable.

jersey totally scolds me after class for being such a chatter box, but you learn the best stuff from opening your mouth and chatting people up.

now if i could just find a story teller when i'm on the treadmill for hours at a time...


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