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8 miles...

8 miles can look sooooo very different when you take away your car and put on your running shoes. 8 miles consumed my brain last wednesday. by the time i went down to the gym i was a ball of grump for sure. the grump helped me see the light though. i knew i couldn't run an hour and then some on a treadmill--staring at a wall. the grump helped guide my fingers to the movie section of my ipod. sex and the city the movie saved my darn sanity...i was watching and running and before i knew it i had ran 4.5 miles. sweet! good! love that. then it happened...

sharp pain started shooting up the top of my foot...NOOOOO. all focus came back to my body...the heat traveling to my head. the obvious pain in my foot...a dull ache in my shoulders from eratic breathing...for someone who's faced backslide after backslide of training i was devastated that pain hit in the one darn body part i had to have working in order to zone out.

all that night i was in pain. the next day...the same, but lucky for me, i got into a doctor that day. the foot doc rocked. no bone x rays either. i have tendinitis in my right foot. in my opinion this is good news cuz it means i can still run BUT i can't push and do big runs for the rest of my training...i'll be doing short runs more more 16's and 15's...BUT i will get in a 20 in a couple weeks. (just to see if i have the juice necessary to keep up with crackhead mcgee--j woosky)

i think today was the first day i was proud of myself for participating in all this madness. i've had anxiety attacks...i've given up my time and alcohol consumption (just saying!) for this stuff and today i saw how awesome my sacrifices have been on the doc's face. he made me repeat how many miles i had run when the pain hit at 5 miles and i still ran the last three. he called me "one of those crazy people" and i smiled...i am one of those crazy loon athletes that pushes thru pain... couldn't be more proud to rock the crazy.

be good to your feet...heartfelt advice from a pisces foot nut


  1. have your toenails started darkening and/or falling off yet? juuuuust wonderin'.

    *runs and hides*

  2. lol no but that happened to one of my buddies that trained for a half with me.

    knocking on wood!

  3. ummmm.... I think I am officially grossed out now... And you peeps do this on purpose because?!?

  4. running is cheaper than therapy :-D


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