chink in the dream

i'm not ready!!!

oprah has announced that she's going off the air. september (2011?) will be her final month of the oprah show.

oh this ain't no stay-at-home-mommy-eating-bon bons-sadness my friends. don't be shocked that my demographic worships the dear woman.

oprah's a part of my personal legend! i have big plans for oprah. i WRITE oprah monthly and give show ideas. they've called me back. (how many times have i told this sad little story? i think this makes four...)

how can she go off the air? i've been dreaming of sitting in that woman's seat since i was a kid. at first i was gonna tell her off because she did a show that discussed the tragic lives of biracial kids. i wanted to speak my little five-year old mind and tell her i was just fine (twitch twitch)...

then i grew up and she changed the show's format and i fell in love. the end.

oprah's iconic. she can't go... i need a hug. preferably by queen of the awesomes herself.


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