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training update

marathon training is driving me batty. someone told me at the beginning of this darn stuff not to over train and i don't think i really knew what that meant. i'm feeling sick, malnourished and mentally exhausted. i'm a cross between "save the children" and rip van winkle. just the thought of running makes me sink into a black abyss of NOOOO. i won't call it a panic attack...but it's a panic attack!

so i'm thinking of cutting back on some of the runs. working out 6 times a week just ain't working for me. lets try for 3 times a week. we'll see if that works.

marathon training is more than running. this stuff has changed my life. it takes hard core mental strength. i applaud all those that have done the devil runs in the past.

bean lady strikes

good ole gram called me at 5:27 am to tell me she had been playing cards with the bean lady. the bean lady told her a bunch of stuff about my future that i'm not even sure i want anymore. do you ever get the feeling that most people in life simply tell you what they THINK you wanna hear? the bean lady was all gas that day my friends...and blowing it right up my booty. tickled a little...

boys will be boys
hanging with the fellas is grand. i know i tease and say that some day i'll grow a piss pump and two wee little balls from all the guy time i partake in, but honestly, if it keeps me laughing like last night then bring on the tighty whities!

d and my bud from back home, mr t, came to my hood for some lovely thai food and chill time. we grubbed on mint fried rice, some chicken/egg/rice stuff and larb. yes...LARB. doesn't that just sound really manly and gross and totally testosterone-approved? i recommend it. eat it and don't dab at the corners of your mouth...just let the meat stay on YO FACE!

ok i don't know where that came from. it's late. i'm sleepy.

so after a most righteous meal, we went back to my place and discussed cars and what to do if you're ever faced with a floor mat pushing up against the gas pedal. don't brake! you only get one, maybe two pumps. instead you first put the car in neutral. then move the mat yo! yes ladies, this is what guys really talk about all.the.time. oh yeah, and the lexus lf-a is the shiznit if you plan to store it in a batman-like garage and never actually drive the darn thing.

it wasn't all trains, planes and automobiles though. we talked about some of the material i write about concerning d. mr t googled "piss pump" and surprisingly, i'm #3 on the list of google searches...that's how often i use the darn phrase. i was quite proud and we got a good laugh out of that one.

piss's what's for dinner!


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