it's happened...

i said i'd never go hollywood but next year i plan to go under the knife...gasp!

today i set aside money in my company benefits package for a surgery i've been due for since 1st grade. (if you say a face transplant i'll kick you hard...or pick my nose and flick it upon you.) i know the suspense is killing you. is it the boobs, the nose? WHAT IS IT MAN?! oh my...i know the anticipation is killing you softly so i'll just tell ya already. i plan to get lasik eye surgery.

wooo hoooo!!!

i've had four eyes for YEARS and i'm pretty much done with my vision dependencies. i'm down for subtracting two.

this was a big kid decision. (aka it's a lot of frickin money!) i'm just sick of being cautious. i'm so sick of saying "i'll do that when blah blah blah happens..." it was time for me to accept that all i have is what's right in front of me. i have to accept that i can barely see that stuff in front of me and slit those darn corneas! i'm doing a going-under-the-knife jig. it involves dynamic hand movements, leg kicks and big-eyed winks. i know it's silly but silly is as silly sees.

...i will no longer fly with the blind bats of the world. i will not eat cheese with my homies--the 3 blind mice. mr. mole and i will have nothing more in common. 20/20 will come to me beyond hind sight.

i'll be the blind (wo)man who actually can say "i see." what, what! two-eyed geek in the house!


  1. You never cease to amaze me with your humor! I have always remembered that from you...and yes the old soul too...That's great and you are right...holding on for "blah, blah, blah" ~ we never know when that will speak the truth...I hope all goes well! Can't wait to hear more and well thanks for the nice comments Tish! I am glad we have a chance to keep in touch ~ very neat!

  2. I will remain one of the few hold outs... Lasers and my eyes will never become one. We shall always remain... Friends from a distance...

  3. 1 degree of separation lol...your buddy is about to become real good friends with the lasers...say this like doc evil ;)


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